Top 10 ChatGPT prompts for Email, Spelling & Grammar

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πŸ€– Rewrite following draft email. Professional and friendly tone. Short, simple and easy to understand style, use bullet points necessarily. : __

πŸ€– Proofread the below for spelling and grammar, without changing the wording at all : __

πŸ€– Edit the following text and give feedback on incorrect spelling and grammar :_

πŸ€– Check the following text for potential plagiarism: _

πŸ€– Count how many times β€œcontains” was used in the following text and suggest alternative word choices

πŸ€– Analyze the following text for tense consistency: _

πŸ€– Suggest ways I can improve sentence structure in the following text: _

πŸ€– I’m not a native English speaker. Rewrite the following text so it sounds like a native speaker wrote it. Do not change the length of the text: _

πŸ€– Explain the basic rules of grammar

πŸ€– Suggest five grammar and spelling exercises that will improve my writing