5 SQL Certifications for Your Data Career in 2023


With those factors in mind, let’s look at four of the best options for different databases. A data-related certification may position you to compete how to become a sql dba developer in what is projected to be a heavily in-demand industry. The field of data science is expected to be one of the fastest growing in the coming years.

  • The course includes both video-based lectures as well as hands-on labs to practice and apply what you learn.
  • Oracle recommends training and on-the-job experience before taking the exam.
  • Our SQL Assessment is a digital examination consisting of practical tasks across six fundamental SQL domains.
  • A certification that has been around for decades, originally known as the Certified Data Processor, the CDP is an independent validation of relevant information security skills.
  • Hands-on
    experience with Azure SQL Database and Azure Virtual Machines is also recommended.
  • However, such niches in the database certification arena are generally only worth pursuing if you already work with these platforms or plan to work for an organization that uses them.

Master SQL, Database Management & Design and learn to work with databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL + more. This MS SQL server course teaches how to create database with MS SQL query, to manage SQL database ( MS SQL server )… Microsoft has made some changes to its certification program and knowing
about these changes can help you plan for future certifications. This tip will cover the current certification path related to Microsoft SQL Server. You can take either or both exams at any authorized Red Hat Training Partner location or online through an approved proctoring service provider. The cost for each exam varies depending on where you take it but typically ranges from $400-$500 USD per exam.

Top 16 SQL DBA Resume Objective Examples

Candidates should have one to two years of experience using SQL Server 2008 or two to three years of experience using a previous version of SQL Server. It is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates proficiency in enterprise-level system administration tasks. To prepare for the exam, candidates should have a good understanding of database concepts, SQL syntax, and DB2 architecture and features. This article provides an overview of the top sql server dba certifications available, including details on the exam requirements and benefits of each.

Learn Azure Database Administration, and get certified, with this complete beginner’s DP-300 course! Dive deep into how SQL Server works to implement an effective high availability and disaster recovery solution… https://remotemode.net/ Master using RMAN in performing backup and recovery activities on Oracle Databases. Let’s take a look at two certifications that are available to give you an
idea of the provided information.

Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

You’ll be introduced to various industry-standard relational databases such as IBM DB2 and MySQL, and earn a shareable certificate upon completion. The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification will help you to secure an database administrator position, which will increase your pay and career trajectory. An database administrator’s average salary is $74,168 whereas sql database administrators make an average salary of $89,648. Master SQL database design & advanced database management systems to build and maintain databases w/ real-world projects…

sql dba certifications

In this course, you will discover some of the activities, techniques, and best practices for managing a… These changes aim to make Microsoft’s certification program more relevant,
focused, and aligned with industry needs. The new certification paths and continuous
learning model are designed to help individuals stay up to date with the latest skills
and knowledge needed for their job roles. CompTIA Database+ certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates the knowledge and skills of database professionals. It is designed to help IT professionals demonstrate their ability to design, implement, manage, and troubleshoot databases in a variety of environments. SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) certification is a type of professional credential that demonstrates an individual’s expertise in administering and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server databases.